AdWords Campaign

The Pros and Cons Of Using Google AdWords

Google AdWords is a tried and trusted method of bringing traffic to your website, and there are many companies who get such great results, that they are happy to spend millions per year and up to $100 dollars per click. To be honest, these figures relate to some of the biggest companies online, so the question to be asked is: ‘Can Google AdWords work for smaller businesses with limited budgets?’

The simple answer is yes, but as with any business decision you make, there are pros and cons to weight up before you decide to go ahead so let’s look at some of the main ones.


#1 It Requires A Lot Of Testing

Running a Google AdWords campaign is not a simple case of getting out your credit card and paying for ads. You need to do a lot of research before you start, and then when you are up and running carry out more testing and analysis. In fact, it never ends. If you enjoy looking at data and trying to improve results then you’ll love the process. If not, then you’ll either have to come out of your comfort zone, or employ someone who does enjoy number crunching.