Could Artificial Intelligence Replace Human Content Writers?

Could Artificial Intelligence Replace Human Content Writers?

The art of writing has been prominent throughout human existence, from ancient scriptures, through the works of Shakespeare, and up to modern times where we have a sales copy and content writing being an integral part of digital marketing. Whilst these were all written for different reasons and at various stages of human development, one thing they all have in common is that they were written by a human being.

You might retort, “Well who else could have written them?”. In the past, nobody, but today there is an alternative to a human being writing content and that is artificial intelligence (AI). AI has developed rapidly recently, to the extent that some claim that content written by AI can be indistinguishable from the writing of a human.

Now, before we go any further what we are not talking about here is a robot sitting at a keyboard and typing out a 1,000-word blog post. That might be how it is portrayed in Hollywood, but we are instead alluding to software that can create written content.

AI Writer Uses And Limitations

Where AI writers have been proven to be useful with content creation, is in identifying popular topics and those which are most relevant to a specific audience. Provided it has been programmed with the required writing data it can then generate a piece of content based on the topics and audience it has identified.

Before anyone who writes for a living thinks they need to start looking for a job, and that includes the person writing this, we must point out that AI writers do have significant limitations. First, they are incapable of writing creative sales copy which is an essential part of digital marketing and other marketing channels. AI writers do not have the emotions that human writers have and thus cannot infuse what they write with emotion.

Also, an AI writer requires pre-existing data or text that they use to generate the content they write. However, if the writing which is required has to be created from scratch then AI writers are incapable of producing anything, which is not the case when humans sit down to write.

SEO Errors

Five Common SEO Errors To Avoid

Unless you want to pay for all the traffic which visits your website, you must have an effective SEO strategy to improve your search engine ranking and thus generate free traffic. If you plan to implement this yourself, you must avoid some of the most basic and damaging mistakes that can seriously harm your website’s chances of being ranked well.

  1. Using ‘Black-Hat’ Tricks

For every SEO technique which Google and the other search engines accept and welcome, there is one which tries to ‘game the system’. These black hat methods may bring some short-term improvement to your ranking but in the long term, they will only serve to damage your site. It can even be blacklisted altogether meaning it will never rank.

Don’t be tempted by dodgy shortcuts, and instead practice sound, well-established SEO techniques. They may take longer to work, but they will mean your website is safe, with the added bonus being you are not constantly worried about being caught out.

  1. Website Overload

Whilst lots of photos, images, audio and video may make it seem you are giving your visitors the best experience possible, it can lead to the opposite of what you planned. Lots of media files mean your website and its pages can take a considerable time to load. This can mean visitors clicking away as they don’t have the time or the patience to wait.

Not only will you lose these visitors, your website’s ranking will be damaged as the search engines consider load times, and measure how long each visitor remains on a website.

Email Campaigns

Benefits Of A Digital Marketing Agency Running Your Email Campaigns

If you have never set up an email marketing campaign before, it can be a daunting task. This is why instead of doing it all themselves, many business owners seek the services of a professional digital marketing agency to set up their email marketing campaigns.

There are several advantages of asking a digital marketing agency to organise and oversee your email marketing, and although their services will require a fee, the benefits both short and long term can be enormous, including the financial ones.

The first advantage is a very simple one…you don’t have to do it. What we mean by this, is any task you undertake which you do not have experience in, is going to take you at least twice as long to complete, than someone who does. In other words, there is no learning curve, plus time isn’t wasted by you having to correct your mistakes or errors.

Another aspect of this is the reduction in your stress levels as you don’t have to fret over whether or not you are setting up your email campaign correctly. With the stress removed, and your time freed up, you can focus on other tasks which your role demands with a clearer mind.

Search Terms

Understanding Keywords and Search Terms

You’ll often hear SEO experts say, ‘Choose the best keywords’, which is probably one of the most unhelpful pieces of advice you’ll ever hear. For a start, telling someone to find ‘the best’ keywords doesn’t take into account the multitude of different types of keywords and search terms that exist. A keyword that might be the best for one person’s needs may be completely unsuitable for the next, even if they are in the same industry or niche.

One of the first things you need to recognise is that whenever someone types a search term into Google (or any other search engine) there is a reason behind it. If you are targeting that keyword you need to ensure that if the searcher clicks on the link to your site, what they find there matches their reason for searching in the first place.

Web Design

Making Your Web Design Easy On The Eye

There are many aspects of web design that relate to how user-friendly the site is going to be in terms of navigation and visitors being able to easily access all areas of the website easily. Whilst it is important to get this right, it is not the only major consideration you should factor into your website design.

Another very important matter of website design to think about carefully, is the visual impact of your site and in particular, those elements which will directly influence how a visitor uses their eyes to scan, read or view your website content on their screen. There are four main ones you should consider when designing your site, which are:

  • Text Arrangement
  • Colours
  • Reading Behaviour
  • Fonts

Text arrangement refers to how your text is arranged on the page and more especially on content pages which have a lot of text. One of the best practices is to utilise a grid system similar to how most newspapers arrange their newsprint text on their pages. The reason this is particularly relevant today is the huge upturn in handheld and mobile devices that people now use to access the internet.

Top Tips for Improving Teamwork in Your Business

According to team building experts team building is an essential part of running a successful business. Although there are numerous other factors that will impact your overall success, creating a cohesive, functioning team is extremely important.

Because of this, we’ve decided to put together a short list of our top tips for improving teamwork in your business, particularly if you are preparing to move your business, have just merged or have recently taken on some new staff. Although brief, these tips should help you develop new team building strategies to help your employees work together.

  1. Reward Teamwork

Rewarding teamwork is arguably the best way to encourage team building and a fully functioning employee group within your business. There are numerous ways to do this, but we’d recommend rewarding stand out employees with bonuses and/or other incentives.

Doing this will help those who work hard feel appreciated and valuable within your team. And really, you don’t even need to give monetary or physical rewards – simply mentioning someone for their exceptional teamwork and commitment will often be enough.

  1. Encourage Social Events

Although you might decide to use formal social events to encourage cooperation between different members of your team, it can also be a good idea to push informal meetings. Rather than forcing your employees to socialise with each other, take actions to encourage organic meetings.

For example, you could plan meetup events at bars or restaurants which aren’t compulsory. Add incentives for those who attend by offering free or discounted food or drinks.


Should I be Scared of SEO?

If you’re new to the scary world of digital marketing, things like SEO (search engine marketing) can seem scary to begin with. There’s a lot of information to take in when you’re trying to learn the basics of SEO for the first time.

However, if you’re willing to take your time and learn the basics of SEO and other digital marketing techniques, it doesn’t have to be scary. If you’ve created your own website, you obviously have a few tech skills. Really, you just need to expand these and grow your skill set if you want to become a successful SEO marketer.

The reality is that you shouldn’t be scared of SEO, but you should still consider employing a professional expert from an SEO Agency to take care of your expert if you have the budget. Learn from them, and discover the best ways to optimise your website.

Why Is SEO Scary For Some

Ultimately, search engine optimisation is a skill that’s quite technical and specialised. A lot of people look at it and become immediately confused, which leads to them ignoring it or just asking other people to look after it for them.

But, it really shouldn’t be something to be scared of. Rather, you should welcome the opportunity to learn new tech skills with open arms, even if it does take some time to figure out exactly how SEO works.

SEO Optimized Content

How to Write Modern, SEO Optimized Content

Although Google’s search engine algorithms are constantly changing, there’s one constant in the world of SEO – high quality content. Creating engaging content that people actually want to read is one of the best things to do if you’re trying to build a successful website that ranks well on the search engine results pages.

With this in mind, I decided to put together a short guide outlining the best ways to write modern, SEO optimised content. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but it should help you get started.

  1. Make Sure You Do Keyword Research

A lot of people ignore this step, especially when they’re just starting their website. However, this is a bad idea. Ignoring keyword research will mean that you’re missing a lot of opportunities, especially if you’re working in a competitive niche.

Ultimately, you need to make sure that you’re using a reputable keyword research tool to identify low-competition keywords and phrases that you can incorporate in your content. Aim for phrases that have a decent search volume, but low competition – these will be the easiest to rank for.

  1. Focus On The User Experience

Nowadays, Google’s algorithms are smart enough to rank content based on its quality and the value that it brings to readers. Stuffing keywords isn’t enough to rank well anymore, and it’s therefore important to make sure that you focus on quality over quantity.

Once you’ve identified your keywords and phrases, sit down and think about the things that people are going to be trying to find out when they use these search terms. Then, when you’re writing, try and answer these questions in a clear, concise manner which is easy to read and engaging.


How Can Branding Impact My Marketing Efforts?

Branding is something that lawyers including family lawyers often ignore when they build their first website and start to create an online presence for themselves. However, as we will see below, branding is absolutely essential for law firm marketing.

As a law firm, you want to make your name memorable so that people call on you when they need “Family Lawyers Perth“, right? The best way to do this is through high-quality branding. Building a strong, clear brand is an essential part of your online law firm marketing efforts, and it can be the difference between success and failure.

What Is Branding?

Traditionally, branding involved creating a decent logo, a catchy name, and a slogan or some other catch-phrase which distinguished you from your competitors. However, branding in the modern world of the internet is a little more complex.

Today, branding involves a consumers perception of you and your business (of you and your law firm in this case). What do they think of when they hear or see your brand name or logo? How does it impact them, and how does it make you stand out above your competitors? Branding is extremely difficult, which is why a lot of law firms consult with branding experts to try and improve their business success.

Why Does My Firm Need To Be ‘Branded’?

As a law firm, you are working in a very competitive environment. There are many other family lawyers out there who would be more than happy to take your clients and potential clients if they are given half the chance, so you have to do whatever you can to put yourself ahead of the pack.

Business Activity Statement

5 Reasons Why Should You Let An Accountant Do Your BAS For You

When it comes to record keeping and tax returns, Business Activity Statements (BAS) are without a doubt one of the most hated things for small businesses in Australia. Although a lot of people choose to do their BAS on their own, you should consider using experienced accountants do yours for you.

According to Accountants Perth, record keeping and tax obligations can be confusing to the best of us. If you don’t have a tax background, then it can be very easy to make mistakes on your BAS. An experienced accountant will know the system inside out, and should be able to fill out all of the relevant information without any problems. Our top 5 reasons why you should always use an accountant for your BAS include:

  • It will save you time:

If you own or manage a small business, then you will know that time is money – really! Every hour you waste doing one thing is an hour that you could be spending doing something else, and these hours can add up when it comes to doing things like BAS. Often, you simply need to prioritise and do the things that are going to be the most beneficial for your business. Rather than spending hours completing your BAS every quarter (or even every month for some!), pay an accountant to do it.