Could Artificial Intelligence Replace Human Content Writers?

Could Artificial Intelligence Replace Human Content Writers?

The art of writing has been prominent throughout human existence, from ancient scriptures, through the works of Shakespeare, and up to modern times where we have a sales copy and content writing being an integral part of digital marketing. Whilst these were all written for different reasons and at various stages of human development, one thing they all have in common is that they were written by a human being.

You might retort, “Well who else could have written them?”. In the past, nobody, but today there is an alternative to a human being writing content and that is artificial intelligence (AI). AI has developed rapidly recently, to the extent that some claim that content written by AI can be indistinguishable from the writing of a human.

Now, before we go any further what we are not talking about here is a robot sitting at a keyboard and typing out a 1,000-word blog post. That might be how it is portrayed in Hollywood, but we are instead alluding to software that can create written content.

AI Writer Uses And Limitations

Where AI writers have been proven to be useful with content creation, is in identifying popular topics and those which are most relevant to a specific audience. Provided it has been programmed with the required writing data it can then generate a piece of content based on the topics and audience it has identified.

Before anyone who writes for a living thinks they need to start looking for a job, and that includes the person writing this, we must point out that AI writers do have significant limitations. First, they are incapable of writing creative sales copy which is an essential part of digital marketing and other marketing channels. AI writers do not have the emotions that human writers have and thus cannot infuse what they write with emotion.

Also, an AI writer requires pre-existing data or text that they use to generate the content they write. However, if the writing which is required has to be created from scratch then AI writers are incapable of producing anything, which is not the case when humans sit down to write.

Why Humans Remain The Best-Only Choice For Content Writing

Whilst there might be some bias in what comes next, it is backed up by the experiences of those who have tried to use AI writing versus human writing and the conclusion is that human writers are still far better at writing than AI writers. This is for three critical reasons.

#1 – Humans Have Flexibility And Creativity: AI simply cannot replicate the flexibility a human has in their writing, nor can it match the creativity of humans. Humans can adapt their writing to suit audiences and create original content that AI cannot.

#2 – Humans Have Insightful Analytical Skills: Great writing is not just about stringing together a series of words properly but being able to convey insights, ideas, and opinions. Humans can do that with far more complex subject matter than AI can, and can subsequently make them easier to understand by their audience.

#3 – Humans Have Superior Research Skills: Writers need to have excellent research skills, and these far outweigh that of an AI writer. Analysing information and data, knowing where to seek information from various sources, and presenting them in a piece of written content that can be understood, are something human writers have the monopoly on, so it will be some time in the distant future before AI writers replace them.

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