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Benefits Of A Digital Marketing Agency Running Your Email Campaigns

If you have never set up an email marketing campaign before, it can be a daunting task. This is why instead of doing it all themselves, many business owners seek the services of a professional digital marketing agency to set up their email marketing campaigns.

There are several advantages of asking a digital marketing agency to organise and oversee your email marketing, and although their services will require a fee, the benefits both short and long term can be enormous, including the financial ones.

The first advantage is a very simple one…you don’t have to do it. What we mean by this, is any task you undertake which you do not have experience in, is going to take you at least twice as long to complete, than someone who does. In other words, there is no learning curve, plus time isn’t wasted by you having to correct your mistakes or errors.

Another aspect of this is the reduction in your stress levels as you don’t have to fret over whether or not you are setting up your email campaign correctly. With the stress removed, and your time freed up, you can focus on other tasks which your role demands with a clearer mind.

The next benefit of a marketing agency taking up the reins is their vast experience of implementing email marketing campaigns, and everything that it involves. They will know what autoresponder service is the most appropriate and more importantly which offers the best possible delivery rates.

This is a crucial metric which many businesses overlook, but, it can be the most important. If you think about it, what good is all the hard work done on writing the email copy and making sure it is the best it can be if the emails you send are not reaching their intended targets?

Marketing agencies will also be able to determine, which email copy is the most appropriate for the sorts of results that you want from your email campaigns. They will have data on previous campaigns, which they have implemented and will use this to create email copy which they know is effective.

This is very important as not every email you send will be a sales promo or may not even have a call to action at the end. Agencies will have lots of templates and past emails upon which they can create all sorts of copy to resonate with subscribers.

The final advantage of a digital marketing agency overseeing your email campaign is that they will be able to analyse the metrics for you and suggest what tweaks or changes should be implemented to improve its results. This can relate to deliverability, open rates, and the call to action. Their experience will enable them to quickly see what is and isn’t working so that the changes can be made immediately to get fast results.

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