Seven Apps Your ECommerce Store Should Have

Apps for ECommerce Store

If you have an eCommerce store using Shopify, Woo Commerce or another platform there are a multitude of extra functions you can add to enhance your store’s functionality. Better than that they will increase your profitability and improve your customers’ experience so that they are more likely to return and purchase from you again.

To list every single type of app would take an entire book, and to name specific apps without testing every single one wouldn’t be fair. Instead we are going to tell about what the main functions you want to add to your store so you can research which specific app or plug in to use for your eCommerce store.

#1 Abandoned Cart

We’ve all done it and so do your customers, and that’s go through the process of adding items to the online shopping cart, and then for whatever reason, fail to click the checkout button. An abandoned cart app will remind the customer, either through pop ups, or emails (and sometimes both) that they haven’t checked out. You won’t get everyone to return but those that do add to your sales and profits.

Business Agreements

General Overview of Business Agreements Under Australian law

Due to the principles of freedom of a contract, parties in Australia may consent to any terms and provisions by entering into business agreements as long as the terms and provisions do not violate law. Despite this according to expert commercial lawyers, it is possible to discern certain patterns that drive Australians to include specific provisions in their business agreements. To start with, scope and application of an agreement is almost always negotiated and reflected in the agreement. In this part of the agreement, the parties provide that the overall purpose of their contract is to delineate their mutual professional rights, duties and responsibilities, as well as the nature of services, which are being provided under the terms of a separate written agreement, exercised by them.

Introductory part and status disclosure may also be included as inseparable parts of a business agreement under Australian law. In this constituent, the contracting parties affirm that they are authorised to provide services in question or sell goods at issue. Also, they reveal the legal nature of their joint enterprise, by stating what types of business entities they operate as. To elaborate further, the provision of services may be specifically regulated and discussed in a separate part of a business agreement. In this part, the parties to a contract may delineate how they are going to negotiate all commercial issues and place orders. It especially pertains to contracts of supply. Price and costs of service provided or products sold constitute a group of most important provisions in the area of business agreements. Usually, one party that provides services is keen on specifying its remuneration, which is either a fixed amount for the whole spectrum of services or a milestone of a project, or a percentage of the insurance premium paid by the consumer of the services that permits the provider to consent to other provisions of the contract.

Internet Business Consultants

Getting Internet Business Consultants To Fulfil Your Basic SEO

Carrying out SEO for your business website is one of those tasks that in 99% of cases you will want to outsource. Even if you are a seasoned SEO expert, the amount of time it can take is more than enough reason to employ the services of an internet business consultant who specialises in search engine optimisation.

The first task is to find a consultant who has a track record and upon which you can rely on to get you results. This should never be rushed as the consequences of employing the wrong person or agency can be disastrous for your website and your business. Therefore, always follow up with references and check their testimonials and reviews thoroughly.

Once you have chosen your SEO consultant there are several basic SEO tasks that you will want them to undertake. The first should be to carry out comprehensive keyword research for you and then establish the competitiveness of the ones that you would like to improve your ranking for.

Any decent internet business consultant should have access to keyword and ranking software which they can use to carry out their research. The data and information which this research software can produce are essential for any reasonable assessment to be made about how difficult or easy each keyword will be to rank for.


Using Facebook To Promote Your Local Business

As a business owner, you should be aware of the important role social media should play in promoting and marketing your products and services. This is particularly true of Facebook, which is the biggest and most popular social media site on the internet.

If your business is local as opposed to global you may not see the benefit of using Facebook. You might assume that either there are not enough local people using Facebook to make it worth your while or that Facebook is only for international businesses and corporations. How wrong you would be.

The truth is that Facebook is the perfect platform to market and brand your local business and if you are not taking advantage of it then you can be certain your competitors will be.

The first thing you want to have is a Facebook page. This is where your followers will gravitate to, read your posts, have discussions and most importantly where they will see any offers or promotions you are running. When creating your Facebook page always use a designer who has experience of creating them. Whilst you may have some graphics skills, your time can be better spent on more important matters.

Email Marketing Mistakes

Three Email Marketing Mistakes You Must Avoid

For any business one of the most effective ways to build a relationship with your customers and to communicate with them is email marketing. Whether your business is large, small or just starting, using email must be part of your marketing toolkit.

When a business fails to see any return from their email marketing efforts it is likely down to one of 3 basic errors. These will not only fail to produce any positive results, they can cause some harm.

#1: Emailing messages without any clear objectives

Failing to have an end goal in sight is one of the most fundamental mistakes not just for email marketing but for any form of marketing. When you write an email that you are going to send to your subscribers you must first have a reason to send it in the first place.

The reasons for sending an email could be to further build the relationship by providing useful advice. another might be to get the reader to complete a survey or questionnaire. How about letting them know about a Facebook post you have made and asking them to share it amongst their friends?

Whether it is any of these or a good old sales promotion, ensure you have a goal in mind for your email, and make it clear what, if any, action your subscriber needs to take once they have read it.

Internal Disputes

Internal Disputes can Jeopardise the Future of the Company

Mergers or acquisitions are all too common in the competitive corporate world these days. Top-notch commercial lawyers can help you get a good price for your shares in case the company is bought over. Most shareholders tend to lose their bargaining power because they wait for too long to take action. However, reliable legal counsel can help you get a good price for your shares. Any corporate business is only as good as its members; any conflicts or internal disputes over important matters can result in far-reaching adverse consequences for the business.

If disputes are not resolved in the right way, the business may be rendered bankrupt or insolvent. Everything that the partners and employees have worked for is likely to be lost in a maze of courtroom battles and legal wrangling. Business disputes could include several different types of conflicts such as shareholder disputes, disagreements over business evaluation, mergers and acquisitions.