Drive New Traffic

5 Great Ways To Drive New Traffic To Your Website

If you had to choose one key indicator of website success, it would be the number of visitors that the website has. There are literally millions of WordPress websites and blogs out there, but a lot of them receive few to no visitors, and can therefore be considered useless.

If you would like to get your content out there, drive sales income up, and increase the amount of money you make from advertising, then you simply have to get more people to visit and engage with your website. There are plenty of ways to do this, but some of the most common include:

  1. Target long-tailed keywords with low competition:

Unless you have a lot of money (think thousands of dollars) to spend on advertising, there is little point targeting short, popular keywords. Most of these will be dominated by larger websites, and it is extremely difficult to rank for them. This means that you will get very little traffic from them, even if you focus on them.

However, longer tailed keywords generally don’t have as much competition, which means that it is much easier to rank highly for them. Try and target keywords with little competition, but make sure that they are still relevant to you page and content, otherwise you will probably have a pretty high bounce rate.

  1. Use online directories:

If you have some sort of business website, then make use of an Online Business Directory and listing site. These sort of sites generally list a whole lot of businesses, and let people review and comment on them. If you can get yourself listed on one, and get people to leave good reviews for you, you will find that a lot more people start visiting your site.