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3 Benefits Of Using Google AdWords

If your budget allows then an option for you to increase traffic to your website is paid advertising and one of the most popular is Google AdWords. Not only is it very popular, it is one of oldest forms of internet marketing, having been launched in the year 2000.

There are lots of reasons why you might want to use Google AdWords, but here are three of most beneficial reasons.

#1 Boost Your Traffic Quickly

The biggest benefit of using Google AdWords is the speed with which it can start generating traffic, and therefore visitors to your website. It can do this for several keywords within the same campaign so you have the advantage of visitors who have searched for those keywords which your website wishes to target.

Whilst SEO has great merits and is an essential part of any marketing plan, it simply cannot compete in terms of how quickly it can produce results in comparison to Google AdWords. The other advantage in terms of speed is that Google AdWords you will let you see much quicker what keywords are the most effective.

#2 Comprehensive Performance Analysis

Within the back office of your Google AdWords account, you have the capacity to check and analyse your campaigns in detail. Every advert, keyword group, individual keywords, click cost and other parameters such as bounce rates and average time on page can be measured, and assessed.

This allows you to see which areas of your campaign are succeeding and which are not. Accordingly, you may wish to increase the amount spent when an ad is performing well, or switch it off completely if it is failing badly.

This data can also help you to make decisions about improvements to your website such as better sales copy or rewriting content to make it more appealing to visitors.

#3 Ability To Edit and Improve Your Ads

As we mentioned before the comprehensive data which is available to you when running a Google AdWords allows you to increase your budget or switch the ad off completely. In between these two extremes you can make other changes to your campaigns. Adding new keywords can expand the range of those which you are targeting or for those keywords which are proving ineffective, you can stop targeting them altogether. You can also make changes to the text within your ads, to see if it improves performance.

One of the best ways to do this with Google AdWords is via A/B testing which allows you to run two competing ads within the same campaign. Each will have one slight difference to the other and by running both, you can see which one performs the best. This now becomes your control, and you then test another variation to see if it can beat it.

By following this process, you are continually improving the performance of your campaign so that the money you are spending on it is invested wisely on effective Google AdWords campaigns.

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