Digital Marketing

The 5 Pillars Of Digital Marketing

In the relatively short time that the internet as we know it has been around, the expansion of services and tools has increased exponentially. This applies as much to the field of digital marketing as it does to any sector but no matter how many new services appear there remains 5 core reasons why engaging a digital agency to undertake digital marketing has many advantages for online businesses.

#1: Audience

The number of potential customers that can be reached using digital marketing, locally or globally, is massive. Before the internet, in order to get your message out, you either had to invest in a mass mailing campaign or undertake media advertising. The costs of these are huge, and the work required to physically create the marketing material was immense. The internet means a digital marketing campaign can reach across the globe, or merely down the street depending on who you wish to market to, and the logistics of setting either up are very straightforward.

#2 Data

With the ability of digital marketing platforms to precisely monitor your campaigns, the data you have access to is in a different world to that of mail shots and traditional media ads. You can literally track the actions taken by everyone who sees your ads, and the feedback and data can then be used to change and improve your campaign immediately.

#3 Simple To Create

The ability to create online advertising without the need for advanced technical skills means anyone can set up a digital marketing campaign, and have it live within minutes. This opens up opportunities for people wishing to start an online business to be able to advertise their products or services, which previously would be impossible.

#4 Precise Targeting

Running traditional ads means you are very much hoping that someone interested in your product happens to see or hear your advertising. There are some ways that targeting can be achieved, for example by placing them in special interest magazines, but even then, you have no control over the demographics of your audience.

Digital marketing platforms allow you to focus your campaigns so precisely that you can select audiences by their age range, gender, marital status, employment type and even what TV shows they like. This means your message is being seen by the exact audience type who are most likely to want the products you are trying to promote.

#5 Pricing

Digital marketing campaigns are extremely cost-effective because you can set maximum budget limits and only pay when your audience take any action. For example, cost per click means you pay each time someone clicks through to your website. Compare this to a magazine ad where you pay whether someone reads it or not.

The other advantage is that you can scale up your successful campaigns so that they bring you a flood of additional customers and end any campaigns which are not working. This means your marketing budget is being used in the most efficient way.

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